About Us

The name Traventuria comes from Travel and Adventure. These two words mark the main concept on which the company has been founded in 2009. This is what made us grow and this is what our team is standing for.  Our mission is presenting Bulgaria as unique as it is by providing our customers with immersive experiences, that are delving into our culture, nature, history and lifestyle.

In 10 years time, Traventuria became a leading provider of one-day tours from Sofia and a trusted provider of guided and self-guided hikes. The company has its own fleet of over 25 vehicles and is a proud owner of highly rated ski shops in Bansko and Borovets.

All our activities always consider the dignity of the local communities and minimize the impact on our environment.

Ski & Board Traventuria
As the years passed Traventuria became a well-recognized quality brand in the ski resorts of Bansko and Borovets. The company has its own ski shops in the two resorts and offers ski packages via its two dedicated sites: www.skibansko.bg and www.skiborovets.bg.

Traventuria Day Tours
At the moment the company is the biggest Bulgarian provider of day tours from Sofia – working directly with end customers and agents. A dedicated site to our day tour programs is www.sofiadaytours.com or via the corporate sites www.traventuria.bg and www.traventuria.com.

Hiking with Traventuria
A highly praised department of Traventuria is the one dealing with active holidays. Snow-shoeing, day and multi-day hikes – both guided and self-guided are all in our product list.  Find out more at www.bulgariawalking.com.

The team
The biggest asset of the company is its team. The strong and dedicated has made what is nowadays Traventuria – a company highly recommended by customers, respected by partners and envied by the competition.